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Participant Testimonials 2015

In2action, D2 and All OutAfrica teams

“A wonderful experience and one which I would encourage all my colleagues to participate in…”

“The experience was invaluable...”

“A pretty intense but hugely rewarding experience. Development Squared made sure we were supported the whole way through. We were all matched with businesses to ensure we had maximum impact based on our professional experience and the skills they required. I would absolutely recommend any organisation with a corporate conscience to partner with DS2 and see the impact your staff can have on small, local businesses, in Swaziland.”

“Great week. Mel and Anne-Marie were so helpful. Definitely sign up for it and do some good!”

“I had a fantastic week on the Development Squared programme and gained a real insight into both Swazi business and culture, as well as having lots of fun!”

“I feel that my leadership and presentation skills have been greatly improved and would love the opportunity to go back to Swaziland with D2.”

“My experience with Development Squared has only confirmed my original very positive feelings about this project. The work the D2 team does is excellent, having a real impact on local businesses in Swaziland, giving the delegates an opportunity to learn about the country while also giving them insights into their own abilities and skill sets too. The week was well organised, the lodge we stayed at was great and we were all very sad to leave at the end of our time there. Highly recommended.”

“Development Squared is a rewarding programme delivering much needed skills to help to support businesses which in turn impacts the lives of the Swazi people and sustainability. I am personally very proud and amazed of what I and the business lead managed to achieve in just a week to improve the work processes and environment for employees. It was an incredibly challenging programme with long lasting personal development improving my skills and thought processes on many levels. I can’t thank you enough for running this programme, my resilience is fully renewed.”

“This week was brilliant for a number of reasons, but mainly because it took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me in different ways. Visiting Swaziland was a humbling experience and one that I will remember fondly.”

“The weeks programme was tightly planned with a great range of supporting documents.”

“Organisation of the week was brilliant and well thought out.”

“Nice to start with some cultural stuff before going to work.”

“Good to have a clear set of goals for the week.”

“Rooms and facilities were amazing….views in the morning breath-taking; staff welcoming and lovely.”

“I felt I always had the support of d2, especially at the beginning.”

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