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Lidwala Lodge, owned and run by All Out Africa offers comfortable but basic accommodation in the Ezulwini valley of Swaziland in a beautiful convenient location and gives a real, local flavour of Africa.

Voted "best hostel in Swaziland", Lidwala Lodge combines creative African design with natural scenery and friendly staff.

Background on Swaziland

Swaziland is the smallest country in Africa with strong traditions, a vibrant cultural scene and friendly, laid back people. Languages spoken are English and Siswati. SawzilandIt is one of the last remaining absolute monarchies in the world. It is a country of scenic beauty and huge possibility being strategically located between South Africa and Mozambique and having a relatively well developed infrastructure; yet its economic development has been held back by a severe shortage of business skills.

Despite its stable history and peaceful reputation, Swaziland has one of the world’s highest HIV infection rates and an unemployment rate of around 50%. The repercussions of the HIV Aids crisis means that there are 200,000 orphaned children in a country of little over a million people, life expectancy is currently 44 years (though improved recently from 31 years), and 60% of children cannot afford to attend school. There is therefore an immense shortage of skills in people of working age, and companies are struggling to compete locally, let alone on an international stage.

Field Programme Support

The Development Squared team will travel with participants and support them throughout their placement week. Participants will be picked up from the airport in Swaziland and settled at their accommodation. They will be collected and taken back to the airport at the end of their stay.

The All Out Africa Coordinator will work closely with Development Squared to assist with day to day issues, transport to placements, Swazi orientations & medical information. Development Squared facilitators will be available throughout the placement and will visit the businesses during the week.

Each evening participants will work together to share ideas and problem solve in structured sessions led by Development Squared facilitators.

A programme of social and cultural events will be included to enhance their personal experience and understanding of the business context.